Monday, July 12, 2010

iPad: The G-Drive finally here?

So after my last post about an app that lets you sync documents without a browser I spent the weekend doing a little more digging. Memeo, the people that make Memeo connect for the iPad, have come up with what can only be described as the G-drive, at least for PDF's.

While I had trouble with the first version of Memeo, for some reason I thought my trial had expired and unless the trial is 1.5 seconds it surely hadn't, I downloaded the Beta anyways. My desire for this software to work out stripped my usual adversity to Beta software, and I am glad it did.

The software creates a virtual drive that maps directly to Google, one more minor hack to add the drive to my Send To folder and now I can just right click on a file (so long as it is a PDF keep reading) to send it to Google docs. From there the Memo connect app for iPad allows me to pull down and I am good as gold.

Now this doesn't allow you to edit and re-upload from the iPad, still searching for that ellusive tool, it also is restricted to PDF files unless you have the Google Premium account. This might be a bug, because about a month back Google released all functionality of their google docs system to the general population. It might also be a technical loophole that Memeo hasn't solved yet, either way its 90% of what I want/need so I am hoping a future release will give me the rest.

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